... this has been a difficult year for many. We're thankful and grateful to have come this far with our small business still expanding and growing through it all.

We're family owned and independent, and every drop, every person and every treatment that we ship and share with our friends and customers means so much to us. We focus on working directly with our customers rather than having large retail partnerships ... which keep us in close contact with our customers and their wishes. This has also kept our savvy staff busy and employed all throughout the year.

As an advocate and fan of Skin Deep since 2004 (!) and now EWG VERIFIED™, we love to see the continued growth and healthy tips that you share with all of us. We've also received several new awards this year. We've also just been approved as a Leaping Bunny brand. Hooray!”

2020 has definitely been a challenging year for everyone, including us here at Just the Goods. Following some minor renovations to our current workspace, we're now able to maintain safe working distances at all times. And I'm eager to move into our new, much larger production space as soon as renovations are complete, because that will provide enough space for employing additional staff safely.

... I'm beyond grateful to everyone for their kind interest in and generous support of Just the Goods, because it has enabled me to make more cash and in-kind donations than ever before to the local organizations I'm honored to support."

For Olay, a brand rooted in science for over 60 years, quality and safety have always been a priority. We know that our consumers really care about what goes into Olay products, and that they are increasingly looking for transparency as well as reassurances from trusted authorities like EWG. I am excited about Olay’s partnership with EWG, resulting in Olay’s first ever products to receive the EWG VERIFIED™ mark. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to product formulation and quality, and we appreciate that EWG similarly applies the strictest criteria for transparency and health for any products that are recognized as part of the EWG VERIFIED™ program.”


Senior Director Scientific Communications, Olay

Certifications are important to us because we know it adds a layer of trust to our brand and helps consumers trust our claims. This is why we chose to partner with EWG!”


Founder + CSO, Eighteen B

As an essential pillar to the C’est Moi Beauty brand, we believe that the quality of our ingredients is a reflection of our integrity as a company. Our commitment as an EWG VERIFIED™ partner strengthens our promise to our customers. We are proud to be a part of the EWG family in furthering our commitment to safe ingredient standards and transparency, while staying focused on creating clean and accessible products that are game changers in our industry.”


SVP of Marketing, C’est Moi

Rooted Beauty celebrates the power of plant-based formulas to deliver real results. We’re so proud to be a part of the EWG VERIFIED™ program, which shares our commitment to rigorous ingredient standards and transparency. Rooted Beauty aims to show consumers that safe skincare doesn’t require sacrificing performance. Together with EWG, we hope to challenge the status quo and give consumers the tools to make better and more informed decisions about the companies they support."


Rooted Beauty Product Development

At BRAVO SIERRA, our mission is to make high performance, high-quality formulations affordable to all. Being able to bring the EWG Verified certification to our customers is an important commitment, as well as an honor for the whole team."


BRAVO SIERRA Co-founder and CEO

At Live Ultimate we believe what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it. We have always been committed to creating the best quality products free of harmful chemicals and are incredibly excited to be officially EWG VERIFIED™.”


Live Ultimate Founder and CEO

Everybody should have the right to healthy products.”

Join Kourtney in our work to have #beautymadebetter


Success in 2020 is perhaps harder to measure than in other years. However, in 2020, AspenClean became the first ever household cleaning company to have EWG VERIFIED products, but we did not stop there. We used 2020 to bring home the Parents Green Pick Award and to be awarded Best Cleaning Service in Vancouver for the fifth consecutive year.

In March 2020, AspenClean announced its collection of nine cleaning products that meet EWG’s rigorous criteria for health, ingredient disclosure and transparency. These were the first-ever cleaning products to earn the EWG VERIFIED mark.

AspenClean now has 12 EWG VERIFIED products, with more coming soon.

Last year also marked the inaugural Parents’ Magazine Annual Green Picks Awards. Dozens of parent testers and eco-experts together reviewed hundreds of products across multiple categories, including cleaning products. Of them, just 17 made it to the final list of cleaning products, and the AspenClean Natural Glass cleaner ranked number one.

‘Practice what you preach’ is an apt phrase for AspenClean. This commitment to delivering effective natural home cleaning solutions has led us to being voted Best Home Cleaning Service in Vancouver by Georgia Straight for the fifth consecutive year.

With achievements like these, it is exciting to watch AspenClean move into 2021 and see what consumers can expect in the near future.”

Where there is love, there is BUDDATE. BUDDATE loves nature and actively participates in the protection of the natural environment. Our small efforts have enabled many people to participate in beauty and environmental protection, so we can find a balance between nature and daily life. A safe and effective functional cosmetic is developed through the power of plants and scientific compounding research.

BUDDATE makes products with high quality, high usability and high functionality, without chemical substances that can be harmful to people with sensitive skin and consumers with various skin problems, such as pregnant women. EWG VERIFIED certification is a symbol of consumer confidence. I am honored to work with EWG to ensure that everyone lives in a healthier environment.”


President and CEO, Buddate

Environmental Working Group (EWG) [is] the most respected watchdog authority dedicated to protecting health and the environment.”


Live Ultimate Founder and CEO

EWG VERIFIED™ is a simple way to know all the ingredients that go into your product have been vetted for safety, meeting strict standards backed by science.”


Herbal Essences Senior Scientist

Verifying the safety and effectiveness of ingredients is fundamental to Codex’s deep commitment to transparency as declared in the Codex “Beauty Code,” which details the guiding principles of the brand. Another fundamental tenet in the Codex Beauty Code is customer safety. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) mission is to further educate and empower consumers to make better choices for their health. With new skincare brands emerging every day, Codex wanted to assure its customers that they could access innovative beauty solutions without sacrificing formula or ingredient integrity. Because of Codex’s commitment to obtaining the EWG VERIFIED™ stamp of approval for all of our products, consumers can be confident that they will be easily identified as free of potentially harmful chemicals and contaminants commonly found in consumer goods.”


Codex Beauty CEO

MyChelle Dermaceuticals scientifically advanced formulas are based on clean, natural bioactives that provide unmatched, professional results. MyChelle is proud to be part of the EWG VERIFIED™ program. For over 20 years, we have continued to lead the way on developing clean, safe, and sustainably sourced products while providing full transparency in our ingredient labeling — complying with EWG’s strict standards and policies. We will always advocate for the EWG VERIFIED™ program as consumers continue to look to the EWG for trusted information to guide their choices in living their happiest, healthiest lives.”


MyChelle Dermaceuticals VP of Marketing and Product Innovation

Silk Therapeutics is honored to be part of the EWG VERIFIED™ program. After overcoming cancer in my late 20s, I was determined to create clean, effective skincare that wouldn’t put people at risk. Our key ingredient of Activated Silk enables us to deliver clinically effective results without chemicals of concern. We’re proud to partner with EWG to help consumers live healthier lives and make informed decisions about what they’re putting on their skin.”


President and COO, Silk Therapeutics