EWG VERIFIED™ aims to be the gold standard in the health and wellness space, and EWG will continue to produce research on the diaper industry and the use of diapers on children’s health. We hope these reports will remain a valuable tool for people who make decisions about products.

As standard bearers, we aim to keep the bar high – to show consumers the products that are the best for health, based on the latest science. We hope one day the market will have transformed enough that every product on store shelves will meet our rigorous criteria and proudly bear our mark.

Consumers Want Information When They Shop

Diapers are one of the things new parents research most. Disposable? Reusable? Allergens? Skin rashes? Fragrance free? Absorption? Waterproof? The list goes on and on, since so much is unknown to new parents. What should not be unknown is whether your baby’s diaper is safe.

Babies and young children spend much of their lives swaddled in diapers. In just the first year, it’s estimated that a baby will wear about 2,500 disposable diapers. When buying diapers, some parents consider absorbency, fit and comfort to be the most important factors. However, recent scientific research suggests that the ingredients and materials used to make the diapers may be just as important, if not more so, since these elements could affect a child’s health.

A diaper bearing the EWG VERIFIED mark has met the highest standards created in the interest of public health.

At EWG, we believe diapers should be:

  • Free from chemicals, materials and contaminants linked to health harms.
  • Low-emitting in volatile organic compounds.
  • Free from added fragrances and lotions.
  • Made with transparency, with all ingredients and materials used publicly disclosed.

Diapers get messy enough – shopping for them should be easy.

Best of the Best:

Learn how the EWG VERIFIED™ mark can show consumers your brand's best products.

  • Avoids EWG's ingredients of concern

    Products cannot contain any ingredients on EWG's "Unacceptable" list, meaning ingredients with health, ecotoxicity and/or contamination concerns.

  • Provides full transparency

    Must meet EWG’s standards for ingredient disclosure on the label, provide full transparency to EWG, including fragrance ingredients.

  • Uses good manufacturing practices

    Product manufacturers must develop and follow current good manufacturing practices to further ensure the safety of their products.

Going beyond the label.

For more than two decades, EWG has provided practical solutions to protect consumers from exposure to chemicals in everyday products. Now your company can help EWG go a step further and convey this information to consumers in stores. EWG VERIFIED drives companies toward full transparency – moving them to disclose more ingredients seldom listed on product labels.

The EWG VERIFIED: For Your Health™ mark on a product means the manufacturer has gone above and beyond to disclose more about its formulations and manufacturing processes to EWG.

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